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Focusing and Dreams

Do you wonder about what your dreams mean, or why they can be so wildly irrational? Applying a Focusing approach to your dreams can be like opening up a letter from your ​deepest and wisest self. The best part is that the letter almost always contains some practical help about how to move forward.  This is true even of nightmares and troubling or recurring dreams.

Often people will say they do not remember their dreams, but even a few words or a simple image from a dream can, through Focusing, lead to answers. We all dream several times every time we sleep. Over time, the more we pay attention to dreams, the more we recall.

Dreams can seem weird and bizarre, but they make sense if we listen to them ​​skillfully. The effort can pay off in surprising ways. They usually turn out to be about something unexpected, something we could not have guessed before giving them our Focusing attention.  Dreams are always trying to give us valuable information, to tell us something we can use to live more fully.

Learn Focusing with Carol Lambert, PhD