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​For individuals

Guiding / teaching by phone and Skype
        Rates:   You will pay an introductory rate of $40 for your first focusing session (50 minutes)
                    After your first session, the rates are:  ​​$80 for one session, or
                                                                                $230 for 3 sessions, or
                                                                                      $350 for 5 sessions.
For groups
        Group telephone conferences are available.
​        The basic group rate is $30 per person, per 50 minute hour, for 4 or more persons. Package and student discounts by  
   ​​      arrangement.

​​​For helping professionals
         Dr. Lambert is available for consultation to helping professionals on the application and theory of
         ​Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy.  The rate for clinical consultation is $150 per 50 minute session.

To schedule a session​
email Dr. Lambert at or call 907 223 0733

All sessions and packages of sessions are paid in advance.
​Paypal is the preferred form of payment. ​​​

Learn Focusing with Carol Lambert, PhD