oWhat is Focusing?

What is Focusing?

Focusing is a way to find what is right for you.
Learning Focusing takes time, but brings many benefits. With practice, you learn to pay attention to your most deeply felt experience. You will clarify your values and apply them in creative, active ways. You will get beyond longstanding obstacles and harsh internal messages. You will learn to trust yourself and to recognize the parts of yourself that are ready to change. ​​Focusing is a way to find what is right for you in a situation, a problem, or a project. Focusing is also a highly effective means of understanding your dreams.

Focusing is about your felt sense of a situation.
Focusing is a way to attend to how you experience a situation from inside your body.
​Your body keeps track of your entire experience. Even when your attention is on a task or activity. your body registers subtle and elusive parts of your experience, such as your mood, who else is present, or whether you are getting hungry. Your body also retains information about past experiences.  Focusing teaches you how to use your entire experience, not just your thoughts and emotions, but your entire felt sense of a situation, to find a direction that works for you. Focusing allows you to take your awareness to the unclear, emergent parts of your experience that can be helpful in your life right now.


Focusing is not therapy, meditation, coaching, or hypnosis.
While all of those methods can be valuable, Focusing is something different. Focusers do not need to reveal their life histories, do homework, or receive a diagnosis. Focusing guides do not give advice. As with all helpful practices, Focusing is not judgmental or intrusive. 

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