Learn Focusing with Carol Lambert, PhD

About Carol Lambert, PhD


​​Carol Lambert began her graduate work in 1972, as a student intern at Carl Rogers' Center for Studies of the Person, in La Jolla, California. Her interest in Humanistic Psychology has continued for the rest of her career. In 1988 she began her study of  Focusing as a psychotherapeutic approach. In 1996, She was certified as a Focusing Teacher by the Focusing Institute. She has continued to study Focusing through seminars taught by Eugene Gendlin, PhD, developer of Focusing, and Ann Weiser Cornell, of Focusing Resources.

After retiring from17 years as a licensed mental health practitioner in Alaska, Dr. Lambert now offers non-clinical Focusing consultation to individuals and groups. ​​ 

Carol Lambert is also a fine artist. You can view her work on her Carol Lambert Arts website.​​